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There are many ways to get on our server to download the Rewind Shows. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Please do not download all the shows at once to try and 'get ahead'. The spots within the shows are changed frequently and you will end up playing promotions for events that have expired months ago. Download 2 or three shows ahead if you like, but about once a month, the spots get changed.

Use his link to download pre-configured FTP program:

Extract all three files in the zip to the same folder. Double click on the icon labeled "DeluxeFTP.exe and follow the directions that come up the first time you run the program. Once the program is open, double-click the Rewind Show with the star next to it under the words "Connection Wizard". If you are not already in the "shows" directory, double click it. If you are downloading the "Rewind Classic Shows" double click that folder and choose the files to download. Unless you are looking for something special like specific shows or promos that have been customized for a specific radio program, you want the "Rewind Classic Shows" folder. You can download an entire folder or multiple folders depending on how much time you have for the download to complete. to download one show folder (for example "Week 017 - Mitch Ryder) will take about 2 to 3 minutes depending on the speed of your connection. To download shows, grab the file and drag and drop it to a folder on yourcomputer hard drive or right on the desktop. You can also right click on a folder and choose "Download to...". Just pay attention to where it sends the file. It will give you a chance to select the folder to save it in. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT to delete any files. This has already happened and some files have not yet been replaced.


If you are using your own FTP program use the following login info:

Host Name: (or if the first one doesn't work)
Password:    SC9370176cec

(Both Username and password are both case sensitive. Type in EXACTLY as shown.)

More ambitionas people might just open a browesr and type in the address bar: This will open a window asking you for the username and password. They are listed above Once you enter them, you can operate the same way as with the first method on this page.

Use whatever method is easiest for you. Choose the folder for the show you are running.